Suomen Terveysmaailma Oy

Terveysmaailma is a Finnish sales and service company that manufactures, sells, markets, and maintains healthcare equipment and solutions for the sector of services for the elderly in Finland with almost 20 years of experience.

The starting point

Before implementing IDR Terveysmaailma did not have a uniform way of monitoring sold healthcare devices and their life cycles. The only product information available were orders in CRM and Excel listings.

The solution

Terveysmaailma made a strategic decision to mark all delivered devices requiring health monitoring with IDR smart stickers and add them to the IDR device register with all their information. User credentials for the IDR were given to the entire company – management, customer service, maintenance, and sales.

In addition to internal use Terveysmaailma decided to harness IDR’s competitive edge and commercialized IDR as part of its portfolio of services. Their existing services were expanded by giving contract customers access to their own device base with all the information and life cycle events.


The results


Integrating IDR into the service portfolio intensified cooperation with customers and strengthened Terveysmaailma’s leading position on the market.


Manual monitoring within the company was significantly reduced when information on all sold products could be found on the IDR system in seconds.


Customers can make maintenance requests electronically via the IDR smart stickers. Maintenance technicians can record done work during a maintenance visit with their smartphones.


Sellers see IDR for each customer’s device stock situation, which enhances sales. With life cycle monitoring IDR notifies you of new sales opportunities.

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“Terveysmaailma adds all delivered healthcare devices that require monitoring to the IDR, so we know what when, and to whom we have delivered. It is easy for us and our customers to follow e.g. product warranty periods and maintenance provider information. We uniquely identify for example leased products. IDR is easy to use and smart stickers prevent errors in identification of devices. The service has met our needs very well.”

Esko Heikkinen CEO

Retail of medical devices

2,5 mEUR


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