Automate manual work with real-time notifications 

Automate device notifications

Stay informed with real-time updates on your IT assets, ensuring efficient management and security.

  • Device Lifecycle: Receive notifications for device creation, updates, location changes, and deletions. You can for example be notified every time the user of a device is changed.
  • Maintenance Alerts: Automated alerts regarding device maintenance/repairs. You can for example be notified when a laptop’s free disk space drops under 10 Gb.
  • Usage Monitoring: Notifications if device is non-complient or when a device is unused or borrowed. You can for example get notified whenever an asset is left unused for over 30 days. 
IT asset management software
IT asset management software

Make device ordering effortless

Simplify your procurement with automated notifications.

  • Order Management: Real-time alerts for new orders waiting approval, new orders approved, new orders sent to a supplier etc. You could for example get notification when a new order has been received over a certain EUR amount.
  • Ordering: With asset management integrated into the ordering platform, we can streamline ordering process by for example checking if the user’s existing device is old enough and inform on what date they can order a new one. 

Create custom triggers

With all asset data in IDR, we can build any custom notifications tailored to your needs.

  • Employee Management: Alerts when a device’s user is no longer with the company but is still marked as the device user.
  • Lifecycle Management: Notifications for warranty expiry, leasing contract ending and exceeded operating times.
  • Custom solution: We can help you to create custom triggers based on your needs.
IT asset management software

Learn how to take your IT asset management to the next level and streamline the whole asset lifecycle from procurement to recycling.

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