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IDR can be easily integrated into a partner’s own service portfolio. As a partner, you can deliver superior value and receive recurring commissions.

Modern asset management solution tailored for easy integration with different partners

Our ecosystem model brings partners into asset management. IDR combines procurement, management, and recycling.


IDR ecosystem for IT asset management

As an IDR partner, you have the possibility to offer IDR to your customers with a managed service provider (MSP) model. This way you can easily package IDR as part of your service portfolio and deliver superior value to your customers. If a MSP model is not suited for your business, you can of course offer IDR’s solution to individual customer cases and still receive recurring commission.

IDR automated Device procurement

Make your offering available to new customers

As an IDR partner, you can offer your catalog to our customers. With order integration, we can sent new orders directly to your own system.

Add new value to asset management

As an IDR partner, you have the opportunity to offer our customers extra services, including delivering devices pre-labeled with IDR, managing service requests and logs for the client, and enhancing device information, among others.

IT asset management software
IDR kumppanit ja ekosysteemi

Make the device recycling process easy

The IDR recycling service enables our customers to recycle their out-of-use devices. As a partner of IDR, you have the opportunity to extend your company’s recycling services to these customers. logo

“With the help of IDR, we have succeeded in developing a new and unique service for our B2B customers. Cooperation with IDR has been extremely easy and our joint product development has been fast and flexible. IDR has truly become an essential part of our B2B business.”

Lari Hevonoja
Sales Director

IT asset management software

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IT asset management software
IT asset management software
IT asset management software

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IDR is a modern IT asset management solution that gathers all device information in one place. Automate workflows and ensure that device information is always accurate and available.

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