Automate the procurement process
for new IT devices

Complicated ordering process made easy

IDR procurement is an additional plugin that is integrated into the IDR asset management. The solution works intuitively just like a normal online store and is very easy to use for your employees. 

  • Predefined product catalogue per employee group/role.  
  • Product specific services can be bundled in the products and automatically sent to the supplier.
  • Integrated approval process for new orders.
  • API integration that allows sending the orders to suppliers automatically.
IT asset management software
IT asset management software

Employee budget with an option to pay for a better device

IDR procurement solution allows companies to give their employees an annual budget that employees can freely use to purchase new IT devices. This streamlines procurement as supervisors/IT deparment do not need to be involved in the new device selection. 

If an employee does not have enough budget for a desired device, there is an option for employees to still select a more expensive device and pay for the excess out of pocket with their own credit card.  

How does the IDR procurement solution work?

Forget internal emails and empower employees to order themselves!

Your company gets its very own internal online store, where the catalogue of selected devices is created. The devices that can be ordered are linked directly to the suppliers and their product numbers including selected services.

An employee logs in with their own work email via SSO login and orders the devices they prefer from the preselectec catalogue that is shown to the employee based on their work role.

IDR automatically checks that the employee’s current device is old enough to order a new one. A new order goes through an approval process to verify the order is good to go. 

Finally each approved device within an order is forwarded through API integrations to the correct suppliers who ship the devices according to the order information and register the device to the IDR asset on your behalf.

Learn how to take your IT asset management to the next level and streamline the whole asset lifecycle from procurement to recycling.

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