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ITAM solution that gathers all device information in one place, automates workflows and ensures that device information is always accurate and available.

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Better than Excel. Smarter than traditional ITAM software. 

Take full control of your IT assets whole lifecycle, optimize their usage, and unlock hidden value. Streamline operations easily and reduce costs with our powerful IT asset management solution.

IT asset management software


Through the IDR ordering system, you make ordering devices easy and simple.

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IT asset management software

IT asset management

The IDR brings all device information together in one place from all different sources.

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IT asset management software


With the IDR recycling service, recycling devices is done with just a few clicks.

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The most efficient method for saving time and money in IT asset management


Better purchase refunds for old devices.


Reduction in weekly work hours.

What makes IDR the best IT asset management solution for your organization?

IT asset management software

Modern asset management integrated with new device ordering and device return/recycling.

IT asset management software

All different devices in one place (online, offline, owned and leased devices).

IT asset management software

Link all your partners into your ITAM and forget about shattered operation.

IT asset management software

Automate routines with event-based triggers.

IT asset management software

NFC smart tags for device inventory, service calls, and movement tracking.

IT asset management software

Own dedicated customer manager for implementation and ongoing support.

IT asset management software

ITAM solution that automates routines and makes asset management easy

With our IT asset management software, you no longer need to manually collect device data from different sources and run Excel reports. IDR is cloud-based and works on all phones without any app downloads.

Customizable reporting saves time

IDR allows each user to create their own customizable reports. Every user gets the information they need, quickly. Automatic e-mail notifications guide users.

Get more from your assets

IDR monitors your assets automatically and notifies if there are areas of improvement. With comprehensive built-in reports, you stay on top of your assets and have full control.

Better RFPs create cost savings

With all device information in the IDR asset, you are able to send more precise RFPs and change your vendor of choice at any point.

All device information available with just one touch

IDR asset management features smart stickers that utilize NFC (near field reading) technology. When you touch an IDR smart sticker, the device is automatically inventoried and all device data is loaded on your phone. 

IT asset management software

IDR is probably the easiest software we’ve ever used.

IDR ecosystem links with your partners

Traditionally companies tend to have multiple IT asset management systems in place because these are provided by different device suppliers, financing companies, ITSM systems and so on. Some assets typically are in Excel files.

IDR is a modern solution for asset management. IDR gives your organization full control over its own assets and includes your selected partners with your IDR asset.

    IT asset management software

    Discover how our customers leverage the power of IDR IT asset management solution

    IT asset management software

    “An integrated purchase order system and recycling handling solution within our asset database not only streamlines daily operations and ensures compliance with industry standards, but also provides the IT department with a comprehensive overview
    and the ability to generate customized reports with ease.”

    Andreas Henriksson
    Internal IT Manager

    IDR asiakas

    “Distributing devices to school students would have taken over a week of work from our organization using the old operational model, but with IDR, we accomplished the same task in just a few hours. With IDR, we not only made a qualitative leap but also achieved significant cost savings.”

    Marko Hyvönen
    Project Managers


    “Using IDR is straightforward and the system has very comprehensive features. IDR’s customer service is one of a kind and everything works fast. IDR also truly listens to our requests and has very quickly built in additional features to suit our needs. On top of that you get more bang for your buck compared to the competitors.”

    Janne Vuolle
    Quality manager

    News and tips for IT asset management

    IT asset management software

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