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From Excel to Modern Healthcare Asset Management

Is your organization’s medical device management based on Excel? Are your processes in compliance with current EU legislation?

In this webinar, you will hear how Silmäasema reimagined its asset management processes and enforced the requirements of the EU legislation on medical devices.

Silmäasema Oy is the largest optical chain in Finland and operates eye hospitals and optical stores in over 150 locations nation wide. Silmäasema is also part of the Coronaria Group, which is one of the most significant healthcare providers in Finland.

Watch this webinar to


Learn what role does asset management play in quality management


Better understand EU legislation in the field of medical equipment asset management


Get tips and best practices for implementing a digital healthcare asset management solution for a large healthcare organization

Target audience

This webinar is designed for healthcare administrators, IT professionals, and decision-makers eager to elevate care quality and operational efficiency.

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IT asset management software

Teppo Rajala

Teppo serves as a System Specialist at Silmäasema, where he plays a pivotal role in managing several critical systems. He has almost 10 years of experience in coordinating medical devices, covering their transfer, procurement, and maintenance.

IT asset management software

Mikko Lehmus

Mikko is the CEO of IDR. Through thousands of interactions with customers and partners, Mikko has gained a unique perspective and comprehensive understanding about asset management in a healthcare setting. Mikko is on a mission to improve patient safety and create cost savings for healthcare organizations.

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