An easy and modern asset management for healthcare organizations

    Laiterekisteri asiakkaat

    Ensure compliance with legal requirements

    IDR is an asset management software compliant with EU directives. Forget about outdated spreadsheets and ensure patient safety with modern asset management solution.

    IDR Device Register
    IDR features

    Improve patient safety and streamline processes

    IDR is the most versatile asset management for the healthcare industry. With IDR you automatically track all issues requiring attention and manage device information in one place.

    Scheduled maintenance and repairs, along with electronic service requests

    Device, location, and department specific attachments

    Incident tracking

    Historical data of all changes

    Trained personnel

    Plan upcoming investments

    IDR can also be used to help plan and budget new equipment investments. All new investments can go through an approval process and realized purchases are tracked against the approved budget.

    IDR asset management solution
    IDR device recycling / laitekierrätys

    Recycle healthcare equitments responsibly

    Recycle all healthcare devices responsibly through our recycling partners. Recycling is integrated into the IDR asset management, allowing for seamless recycling.

    See the entire medical equipment inventory with just a single glance

    Explore the wide range of reports to optimize device usage, enhance time management, and plan your organization’s future investments.

    IDR register reporting

    “With the help of IDR, we can keep our device inventory under control in all our units, and we can facilitate our procurement and processes related to device maintenance.”

    Helena Tani,
    Head of Procurement

    We serve a large group of Nordic private healthcare organizations

    The use of IDR is simple and the features of the system are very comprehensive. Customer service is one of a kind and everything works fast – IDR truly listens to our requests. You get more bang for your buck compared to the competitors.”

    Oral Hammaslääkärit Oyj

    Evidensia is a vetenarian healthcare company that employs nearly 1000 people.


    The Finnish Student Health Service Foundation delivers healthcare for students with over 900 employees. YTHS has adopted IDR asset to track its medical equipment.

    IDR asiakas

    Silmäasema operates in the optical field with over 1000 employees. Silmäasema utilizes IDR at all of its locations to monitor its healthcare devices.

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