The pricing of IDR device management is transparent and easy to budget.

    How many devices do you have?

    The monthly price is determined by the total number of devices you have. We take customer satisfaction so seriously that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you are not satisfied with our solution, you can quit anytime.

    1 – 500

    501 – 2 000

    2 001 – 5 000

    5 000 +

    Select how many devices you have.

    0,75 € / device / month

    0,50 € / device / month

    0,40 € / device / month

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    IDR system with all features

    Dedicated IDR support person

    Uptime 99% and daily data backups

    IDR smart stickers for all devices

    Unlimited users

    API and SSO authentication

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    Can any device be created in IDR?
    IDR enables the monitoring of all healthcare devices. In addition, it is of course possible to bring any other device stock into the system.
    Can access rights be granted to my company's partners in IDR?

    IDR is built on an ‘ecosystem model’, allowing you to involve your partners in device lifecycle management. Typical partners are device resellers, service providers, finance companies, device manufacturers, maintenance companies, and recycling companies.

    Are there any other costs for IDR besides the per-device license fee?

    The pricing for IDR is based on a per-device monthly license fee. The price includes a device registry, smart labels, implementation, and ongoing usage support (email and phone). The ordering system, recycling service, and certain integrations are charged separately (typically a 10-30% additional cost to the device registry price).

    What is the duration and notice period of the IDR contract?

    The IDR contract is valid indefinitely with a 3-month notice period. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can terminate it by notifying our customer service.

    Can IDR smart labels be ordered with a custom logo?

    It is possible to order IDR smart labels with your own brand at an additional cost. For more detailed information, please contact our sales department.

    Can I retrieve my data from IDR to other systems through integration?

    Yes, you can. Our REST API interface is available free of charge for all our customers.

    How is data security ensured and does the data remain within the EU region?

    IDR runs in Amazon AWS, and all our servers are located within the EU in Sweden. We comply with GDPR regulations, and the DPA is available from our sales department.

    Does IDR also work without smart labels?

    Yes, it does. Devices can be created in IDR with or without a smart label. Smart labels can also be associated with only a subset of the devices or be added later.

    How can existing devices be labeled with smart labels?
    Almost all of our healthcare clients label the current inventory. If labeling is done, IDR provides smart labels to the locations with operating instructions, and the company’s staff labels the devices using a smartphone. Labeling one device takes about 50 seconds.
    Can new devices be purchased from the vendor already labeled?

    Yes, you can. With IDR’s ecosystem model, you can purchase new IT devices already labeled and created on your company’s IDR account.

    How is the consistency of device information ensured during implementation?

    Each customer receives their own service manager from IDR, with whom the implementation project is planned. One of the service manager’s tasks is to ensure that information is collected from the devices in a consistent format.

    What kind of instructional material can be found about IDR?

    When a user logs into the IDR device registry, they have access to a training video and written instructions. In addition, we can arrange joint training sessions remotely if needed.

    How can we get support for using the system?

    Each customer receives their own service manager from IDR, who ensures a seamless implementation of the system. Implementation and ongoing support are included in the price of the device registry.

    How does NFC technology work in smart labels?

    Inside each IDR smart label is a chip that utilizes NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. The NFC reader inside a smartphone reads the content of the chip by touching it, which is programmed to open the device information for that specific device.

    How can I get more smart labels?

    Smart labels can be easily ordered directly from the IDR device registry’s homepage after logging in. Depending on the order quantity, we deliver the smart labels either as a letter or as a package

    How quickly does IDR's customer service respond to inquiries?

    We measure the level of our customer service through a ticketing system, and our average response time over the last three years has been 84 minutes. We respond to most inquiries within 30 minutes.

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