Asset Management Software with Built-in ISO 27001 Compliance

IDR is the perfect tool to get full visibility and full control over your IT assets. We help you meet ISO 27001 requirements for Chapter 8: Responsibility of Assets.

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Ensuring ISO 27001 compliance for your asset inventory has never been this easy

Manage, buy, and recycle your devices easily with one software. IDR system simplifies processes, cuts manual work, and saves money, all while improving your organization’s data security and helping you pass ISO 27001 audits.

IT asset management software


Through the IDR ordering system, you can make the ordering of devices easy and simple with full audit log.

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IT asset management software

IT asset management

IDR asset brings all device information together in one place from all different sources and maintains complete audit logs.

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IT asset management software


With the IDR recycling service, recycling devices is done with just a few clicks and all data wipe documentation is stored in one place for audits.

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Stay secure and informed with IDR

IDR keeps your asset inventory always up-to-date and ensures you are not missing anything important. You can seamlessly integrate IDR with your other systems, for example Microsoft Intune and bring all data under one platform.

Automate processes and cut manual work

IDR gives you full control in building automations. You can for example receive alerts if a device hasn’t been seen in certain time frame or device fall out of compliance. Simplify your leased device return and recycling processes with ready-made automations that cut manual work from your IT and employees.

Designed for ISO27001

IDR is specifically designed to help organizations improve their compliance with the requirements of ISO 27001. Ensure your organization’s asset management is up to standard, and maintained systematically and efficiently with full audit logs.

Discover how our customers leverage the power of IDR IT asset management solution

IT asset management software

“An integrated purchase order system and recycling handling solution within our asset database not only streamlines daily operations and ensures compliance with industry standards, but also provides the IT department with a comprehensive overview
and the ability to generate customized reports with ease.”

Andreas Henriksson
Internal IT Manager

IT asset management software
IT asset management software

“We are extremely satisfied with the IDR solution. Implementation was completed in just one week and we now have complete visibility into our IT assets. IDR’s ecosystem model integrates our supplier, financing company and UEM solution all in one. Real time notifications remove the need to manually monitor devices which saves a lot of work time.“

Mikko Surakka
Head of Cloud

IT asset management software
IT asset management software

“Using IDR is straightforward and the system has very comprehensive features. IDR’s customer service is one of a kind and everything works fast. IDR also truly listens to our requests and has very quickly built in additional features to suit our needs. On top of that you get more bang for your buck compared to the competitors.”

Janne Vuolle
Quality manager

IT asset management software

Learn how to take your IT asset management to the next level and streamline the whole asset lifecycle from procurement to recycling.

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