Empower Your IT Team with Powerful Asset Management Software

IDR’s asset management solution offers a wide range of functionalities, allowing you to save time and gain cost savings.

Boost your asset management with NFC smart stickers

IDR asset management system utilizes near field communication technology (NFC), where each monitored device can be identified with a unique IDR smart sticker that hold an NFC chip.

By touching an IDR smart sticker, your smartphone or tablet retrieves device information from IDR’s cloud-based solution. No applications need to be installed, as IDR works on a browser basis.

IT asset management software
IT asset management software

IDR asset management significantly saves working time

IDR asset management has a wide range of different functionalities that our customers can use to save working time and create cost savings.

For example, our asset management reports about expiring lease contracts, out-of-date devices, changes in users, inactivity, poor device health and so much more!

Versatile and easily customizable reporting

IDR asset management has a large number of stock reports, which are designed to improve the use of devices, reduce working time and facilitate work management.

In addition to the stock reports, each user can customize an unlimited number of their own reports, which makes searching for information even easier!

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How does IDR asset management work?

IDR makes device information always available

Creating new devices:


In most cases, new online devices are created automatically from UEM integrations. Offline devices are typically created directly by the device supplier.


Devices can also be created with internal resources by using empty IDR smart stickers or uploading devices from an Excel file.

Updating device data:


With IDR’s built-in integrations, device data can be enriched from various sources like UEM tools, financial companies and ticketing systems.


IDR smart stickers enable physical device inventory with just 10 seconds per device and completely eliminate the work time spent searching for device information.


With the IDR ecosystem, your partners can involved in managing the lifecycle of your devices.

Monitoring life cycles:


IDR automatically monitors device life cycles based on your chosen criteria. Event based triggers notify appropriate employees if action is required.


IDR features a 100% customizable reporting where each user can set their own data tables and reports and also save these for later use.

Learn how to take your IT asset management to the next level and streamline the whole asset lifecycle from procurement to recycling.

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