How IDR stickers work


The smart stickers enable search for information on your smartphone with one touch and without an application

Smart NFC technology

IDR is based on the near field communication (NFC) technology where each monitored device is marked with an IDR smart sticker equipped with an NFC chip. By touching the smart sticker the smartphone or tablet will search the device information from a cloud service directly to your screen.

Downloading the data requires a sign-in for the first time. After that all the information will be downloaded with one touch, always in real time and without an application.

IDR number identifies the device

IDR smart stickers have a unique number synchronized with the NFC chip of the smart sticker.

After touching the smart sticker the device information can also be retrieved from the system using the IDR number.

All the device information, including history data, is situated on our secure servers at Amazon AWS, and all data are secured with i.a. an SSL connection.

Different IDR smart stickers for different needs

IDR smart stickers do not require maintenance and withstand rough handling. Smart stickers also withstand demanding use in healthcare such as disinfecting, steam washing, etc.

IDR smart stickers are available in sizes and shapes for all different needs. Clients typically use IDR smart stickers of a 3.8 cm, 2.5 cm, or 1.8 cm diameter, but we offer customized smart stickers for your requirements.

NOTE! Devices can be created for IDR without a physical IDR smart sticker.

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