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IDR is the most versatile asset lifecycle management software for IT devices and healthcare. Best solution for companies of all sizes.

    Over 100 Satisfied Clients and More Than 1500 Hours Saved.

    Make asset management easy, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient

    Time to forget about messy device inventory spreadsheets and legacy tools. IDR brings all your device information into one place, reduces costs, and helps you to recycle assets responsibly.

    IT Devices

    Simplify your operations with a modern IT asset lifecycle management solution. IDR connects your device suppliers, financing companies, AD environment, UEM solutions, and ITSM systems into one.

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    Healthcare Devices

    Ensure compliance with EU directives for medical equipment tracking and improve patient safety. Manage all healthcare devices in one solution and make better procurement decisions.

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    The best asset lifecycle management software for IT devices and healthcare

    IDR provides an easy-to-use solution for managing the lifecycle of healthcare and IT devices. Integrate different partners into your company’s asset management with only few clicks.



    IDR ordering system makes the procurement process effortless and swift.



    IDR asset brings all device information in one place from various sources.



    IDR recycling service makes device recycling fast and eco-friendly.



    IDR provides versatile reports to enhance device usage, reduce work hours, and cut unnecessary costs.

    Asset management software that brings clarity to chaos

    Is your company spending unnecessary time on procurement, asset management, and recycling? IDR helps you automate routines and streamline the asset management process.

    Your organization’s devices are listed in Excel and/or multiple other tools and it is often outdated.

    Maintenance calls are done manually, and important tasks are left undone.

    The overview of the device inventory is unclear, and reporting is time-consuming.

    Old devices are forgotten in storage, and their recycling remains incomplete.

    An international gaming company with 300+ employees saved 13 hours per week and increased their buy back refunds by 75%.

    News and tips for asset management

    How much can a company get from a used laptop?

    How much can a company get from a used laptop?

    How much can a company get from a used laptop?On average, the replacement of a company laptop becomes relevant every 3-4 years. The lifespan of phones is often shorter, averaging 2-3 years. In addition to these, other IT devices also require replacement at certain...

    How to Recycle Your IT Assets and Why It’s Important?

    How to Recycle Your IT Assets and Why It’s Important?

    How to Recycle Your IT Assets and Why It's Important?As time goes by, the need to recycle and reuse old IT assets such as laptops, monitors, and smartphones often arises. Unfortunately, it is pretty common, that these assets end up forgotten on storage shelves for...

    What is ITAD? 

    What is ITAD? 

    What is ITAD?ITAD stands for IT Asset Disposition, which essentially means a process for managing (recycling, repairing and disposing) old or broken IT assets within an organization. For companies these assets typically are laptops, smartphones, and monitors that are...

    Discover how our customers leverage the power of IDR asset management solution

    “Using IDR on a daily basis is super easy and the system has very comprehensive features. The customer support is superb and everything happens quickly – IDR truly listens to our needs. The price-quality ratio is the best compared to competitors.”

    Oral Hammaslääkärit Oyj

    Oral is the largest private dental healthcare provider in Finland with over 1 600 employees working in over 70 locations.


    Verkkokauppa.com is the largest Finnish online retailer specializing in consumer electronics and household products.

     Matkahuolto is a leading Finnish transportation and logistics company with over 2 000 service points.

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