Take full control
of your IT assets 


IDR asset life cycle management solution gathers all device information in one place from different vendors and partners. With built-in integrations, data is always accurate and available. 

Maximize ROI with a Modern IT Asset
Management Software

Take full control of your IT assets, optimize their usage, and unlock hidden value. Streamline operations and
reduce costs with our powerful IT asset management solution.


Our ordering system makes purchasing new devices super easy and simple. Employee orders a new device from IDR webshop and after approval, the order is automatically routed to your preferred vendor.


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Our IT asset management brings all asset information in one place from all your vendors. With our built-in integrations, asset data is automatically enriched and our NFC stickers streamline your IT processes.

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Our recycling service allows old devices to be recycled with just couple clicks. With all asset data in the IDR asset, all you need to do is send RFPs to our IDR recycling partners who will handle the recycling process. 

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An international gaming company with 300+ employees saved 13 hours per week and increased their buy back refunds by 75%.

All data available with just one touch

IDR asset management is based on IDR smart stickers that utilize NFC near field reading technology. When you touch an IDR smart sticker, the device is automatically inventoried and all device data is loaded on your phone. IDR is cloud-based and works on all phones without any app downloads.  


IDR is probably the easiest software we’ve ever used.

Save time with our world class reporting

With IDR, you no longer need to manually collect device data from different sources and run Excel reports.

Customizable reporting saves time

IDR allows each user to create their own customizable reports. Every user gets the information they need, quickly. Automatic e-mail notifications guide users.

Get more from your assets

IDR monitors your assets automatically and notifies if there are areas of improvement. With comprehensive built-in reports, you stay on top of your assets and have full control.

Better RFPs create cost savings

With all device information in the IDR asset, you are able to send more precise RFPs and change your vendor of choice at any point.

IDR ecosystem links with your partners  

Traditionally companies tend to have multiple IT asset management systems in place because these are provided by different device suppliers, financing companies, ITSM systems  and so on. Some assets might be in Excel files.

IDR is a modern solution for asset management. IDR gives your organization full control over its own assets and at the same time enables you to include your selected partners with your IDR asset. 

    Discover how our customers leverage the power of IDR asset management solution

    “Using IDR on a daily basis is super easy and the system has very comprehensive features. The customer service is second to none and everything happens quickly – IDR truly listens to our needs. The price-quality ratio is the best compared to competitors.”

    Oral Hammaslääkärit Oyj

    Oral is the largest private dental healthcare provider in Finland with over 1 600 employees working in over 70 locations.


    Verkkokauppa.com is the largest Finnish online retailer specializing in consumer electronics and household products.

     Matkahuolto is a leading Finnish transportation and logistics company with over 2 000 service points.

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