Success stories
with IDR

Atea Finland Oy

IDR is a part of Atea’s service portfolio offered to their client companies.

Oral Hammaslääkärit Oyj

Oral Hammaslääkärit Oyj

Oral utilizes IDR’s solution to manage all medical devices. Oyj

IDR is a part of service portfolio offered to their client companies.

Lääkärikeskus Aava Oy

Aava utilizes IDR in monitoring all healthcare equipment on all its sites.

Espoon kaupunki

The City of Espoo has implemented an IDR device register for monitoring devices in remote home care.


Oy Matkahuolto Ab

Logistics provider Matkahuolto utilizes IDR device register for asset management.

Despro Engineering Oy

Despro utilizes IDR as an internal reservation management solution for devices in use.


Imatran kaupunki

The city of Imatra manages over 2,000 IT devices in education with IDR.


Valtti Kumppanit Oy

Valtti offers IDR to its clients as a new value-adding service.



Tech Data Finland Oy

Tech Data complements its IT device pre-installation services with IDR’s solution.




YTHS has introduced IDR to monitor their health care devices.



Mekalasi Oy

Mekalasi has implemented IDR to monitor and manage devices that undergo maintenances.

Axel Health

Axel Health has implemented IDR to streamline operations.

Bird & Bird Asianajotoimisto Oy

IDR has delivered Bird & Bird a solution for the monitoring and life cycle management of its IT devices.

Helsingin Aikuisopisto

IDR manages the life cycles of all IT devices at the Helsinki Adult Education Centre.

Global Voicelink GVL Oy

Voicelink has added IDR as a value adding service to its clients in monitoring their IT devices.


Respecta Oy

Respecta utilizes IDR as a value-adding service for maintenance and in monitoring its devices.


Peruskuntayhtymä Akseli

Akseli has chosen IDR for monitoring the life cycles of healthcare devices in use.

Multitronic Pro Oy

Multitronic Pro has added IDR to its service portfolio.

ICF Group Oy

ICF uses IDR in monitoring the maintenance of both sold and leased healthcare equipment.

Suomen Terveysmaailma Oy

Terveysmaailma utilizes IDR in maintenance management and as a value-adding service to its clients.


AlluMedical Oy

AlluMedical utilizes IDR in maintenance resource planning and offers transparency to its clients through IDR.

Validia Kuntoutus Oy

Validia monitors healthcare assistance devices with IDR according to the ISO 9999 classification.


MacPeople Oy

MacPeople has implemented IDR as a new value-adding service to its business clients.

TK-Service Oy

TK-Service uses IDR as a value-adding service to its clients.

Liedon kunta

The municipality of Lieto utilizes IDR in monitoring healthcare devices.

HelppoKatsastus Oy

HelppoKatsastus uses IDR in monitoring inspection station production equipment.

Kangasalan Kaupunki

The city of Kangasala uses IDR in monitoring healthcare devices.

Ylöjärven Kaupunki

The municipality of Ylöjärvi utilizes IDR in monitoring healthcare devices in its use.


City of Heinola

City of Heinola monitors all healthcare devices with IDR.

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