Manage the lifecycle of leased devices

With IDR, you bring leased devices from various financing companies under your company’s own asset management solution and coordinate the return process.

IT asset management software

Bring all devices into one place

IDR streamlines the management of both owned and leased devices within a single system.

Through integrations, the information of leased devices remains automatically up-to-date.

Ready-made process for returning leased devices

Leased devices can be returned, extended, or purchased. Devices marked for return automatically go to a specific report, simplifying collection before notifying the financing company.

NFC smart tags ensure quick, error-free inventory and confirmation of returned devices.

IT asset management software
IT asset management software

Take your asset management to the next level

With IDR IT department can quickly see whether an employee has ordered a new device to replace a returning one.

A smoother replacement process makes life easier for both the employee and the IT department.


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IDR is a modern IT asset management solution that gathers all device information in one place. Automate workflows and ensure that device information is always accurate and available.

    Learn how to take your IT asset management to the next level and streamline the whole asset lifecycle from procurement to recycling.

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