Free IT Asset Management Spreadsheet Template

Simplify your IT asset tracking with our comprehensive free spreadsheet template.

Get started with IT asset management with our free spreadsheet template

This IT asset management template is ideal for small to medium enterprises, startups, or any IT department looking for a simple way to manage their IT assets.

Use our IT asset management template to track, organize, and manage all your IT devices.

Structure in the template:

  • Basic device information
  • Device purchase and maintenance information
  • Information for leased devices

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    What is IT asset management?

    IT asset management (ITAM) is all about efficiently managing an organization’s IT equipment from procurement to disposal. Common IT assets typically include devices such as laptops, desktop monitors, and smartphones.

    For a typical business, we are talking on average about 2-3 devices per employee that may carry a total cost of 2 000 – 3 000 euros per employee.

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