Privacy policy

IDR Oy respects the privacy of all users of this service. This page describes how we collect, use, share, transfer, and process personal information. This privacy statement only covers information collected over the Internet.


What information we collect

The administrator of the company who purchases the IDR Device Registry Service (the “Service”) manages personal information on the System. Personal data may contain e.g. the person’s name, email address, and phone number. If you as a user of the service wish us to delete your personal information, please contact your company administrator.


In addition to personal information the Service collects information about the devices used by each user (computer, tablet, telephone, etc.) so that we can guarantee the best user experience. The stored data include the browser version and the IP address. The collected information will not be given to third parties and its intended use is to resolve problems and prevent misuse of the Service in the event of suspicion.


How we use the information

The information collected by IDR Oy is used to guarantee the user experience and to keep the use of the service at the best possible level. The data will also be used for statistical and analytical purposes, such as performance monitoring.


The collected information will be retained until the Service is terminated and discontinued by the client company. The stored information may be used if we need it to fulfill legal obligations, resolve conflicts, or for example investigate possible breaches of contract. You may contact us if you want more information about the information which we collect.


Service log information

We automatically store information in server log files. These logs may contain the username (email address), where you are connected from (IP address), how you are connected (browser information), date, time, system error conditions, and which page you were on. IDR Oy has the right to combine log data with your personal information in order to identify abuse and verify the service user.



Cookies are used to identify the user in the service. The use of cookies is common in online services. Cookies are software technology that helps you use the service by customizing the content to your preferences. The user can set the Internet browser to block cookies or to indicate when cookies are used.


Changes to privacy policy

We reserve the right to change the privacy policy, e.g. as a result of the development of new functions in the software. Up-to-date privacy policy is always available on our website.

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