Time to prepare for the new NIS2 directive

EU’s new directive NIS2 becomes effective starting October 18, 2024.

In short, the updated directive requires that medium and large companies ensure security of their systems and have a documented operational model for different cyber threats. If not, companies can face fines up to €10 million.

How does NIS2 affect asset management?

Keeping better track of assets

NIS2 requires companies to have up-to-date information on all their assets, like computers, phones, and software. Having all asset information in one secure place removes unnecessary work and improves security.

Risk and compliance checks

The new directive requires companies to start identifying risks related to their assets in advance. This means that companies need to have clear plans and documentation showing that their assets are managed according to the directive’s guidelines.

Taking care of assets throughout their lifecycle

According to NIS2, it is not enough to know what assets you own but you have to look at the entire lifecycle. In other words, companies must manage their assets responsibly from start to finish, including procurement and disposal/recycling.

Quicker response to incidents

In the future companies need to have quicker response times if there’s a security threat or devices get lost. Having a good asset management system helps companies figure out which assets are affected and solve the problem faster.

Safer purchasing

NIS2 also means being careful about where assets come from. Companies need to think more about what they buy and from where. The most advanced ITAM software integrate with trusted IT device resellers to mitigate potential security issues.

Get ready for NIS2 with IDR

IDR asset management software meets the tough ISO 27001:2022 standards, making it a great choice for any organization looking for asset management software compatible with NIS2 requirements.

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