How to Improve Employee Experience with Better IT Asset Management?

Having clear ITAM practices and modern software not only affects your IT operation but also has a significant impact on your company’s employee experience.

In this blog, we will dive into various ways how you can improve your employee experience with the help of a modern IT asset management software. Keep in mind that nowadays, the best ITAM solutions don’t just handle tracking assets; they also offer features that allow you to manage procurement and recycling.

Allow Employees to Access Their Assets

Typically, device inventory is managed by the IT team or a person. In many companies this basically means that there is a manually updated spreadsheet. This process is not only time-consuming but also makes it impossible to share individual asset data with different employees.

Our first tip is to move from Excel or legacy solution to real ITAM software. This step alone simplifies the IT operation and lets your employee to be involved with ITAM.

With ITAM software in place, you can allow employees to view their current assets, and see when to order a new device. Moreover, your IT will no longer need to answer emails from employees asking when to order a new device. It is a win-win solution right there.

Let Employees Order Independently

Typically, employees need to communicate with their supervisor or IT department via email or phone to figure out when and what new device they should get. This often leads to a lot of hassle, wasting both time and resources.

To improve procurement and thus enhance employee experience, organizations should allow their employees to choose new devices themselves. With the best ITAM solutions you are able to let employees log in with SSO and pick new devices from a pre-approved list. Once they choose, their orders go straight for approval and then to the supplier. No more back and forward emails or waiting. Automating procurement processes ensure your employees can focus on more important tasks.

For example in IDR, you can almost complete automate the procurement process and even give your employees a yearly budget for ordering devices without waiting for approval. If an employee’s choice is more expensive than their budget, they can cover the difference directly through the ITAM software.

Remove Hassle and Automate Processes

Overall, ITAM software reduces the hassle associated with managing IT devices. There’s no need to guess who has which device and where they are. Now your IT team is free to focus on security and other important tasks instead of chasing after missing devices or sending reminders to different employees.


Continuously improving employee experience is crucial for attracting and retaining the best employees. You can also save money and improve efficiency by automating IT asset management related processes.

ITAM processes are often overlooked when talked about employee experience, but they’re important for keeping employees happy. Making sure your team knows what devices they can get and making it easy for them to order new ones might seem like small things. However, any waiting or problems can make a big difference to your employees. When ITAM processes work well, everyone, not just the IT, feels better.


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