In this blog post, we will debunk some of the common myths regarding IT asset management, helping you understand the true value of ITAM software.

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1. Myth: Excel is a good tool for IT asset management

While Excel is a versatile tool for a variety of tasks, it’s not necessarily the best fit for managing IT assets. As your company grows, excel becomes less efficient and keeping your asset inventory up-to-date manually takes a lot of effort.

On top of that manually adding assets can predispose to human errors, leading to inaccurate data about your assets. Besides, Excel does not integrate easily with other systems such as UEM tools, ITSM tools, and AD. This makes automating processes nearly impossible.

2. Myth: Only big companies need separate IT asset management software

If you have only a few devices it might not be a priority, however, businesses of all sizes can benefit from IT asset management software.

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 assets, IT asset management software will help you to track, manage, and reduce unnecessary expenses. Another important factor to consider is data security. When you have an automated asset inventory in place, you will significantly mitigate data security threats.

3. Myth: IT asset management software is expensive

ITAM software is typically priced approximately at €0.50 to €0.80 per device per month. When you consider the time your IT manager would invest in tasks like ordering new devices, retrieving vital information, or recycling outdated equipment, the cost is minimal for the value it offers. Based on our experience you can easily save 2-5 days of work per month.

Having a clear overview of your existing assets also helps to make sure that all assets are used to their full potential. You can easily save thousands of euros per year by avoiding unnecessary purchases.

4. Myth: IT asset management is a waste of time and money

Consider IT asset management as an insurance. By managing assets effectively you get the most out of your IT investments. Besides this, ITAM software will help you to recycle unused devices securely. Improperly recycled devices can pose significant security threats to the company. One security outbreak can easily cost a company millions in damages, not to mention the potential loss of customer trust, legal repercussions, and damage to its reputation.

5. Myth: IT asset management software can only be used with owned devices

While some IT asset management systems are limited to managing owned devices, modern IT asset management software allows you to manage owned, leased, and rented devices in one place. Furthermore, some ITAM software actually integrate with leasing companies which allows you to streamline manual leasing device return processes.

6. Myth: IT asset management software is solely for asset inventory

Today’s ITAM software allows you to manage the full lifecycle of your assets, from purchasing to recycling. This comprehensive approach eliminates the need for disjointed processes, ensuring seamless and efficient asset management.

In conclusion

We hope that this blog helped provide clarity on the real advantages of IT asset management software.

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