How to Choose the Right IT Asset Management (ITAM) Software?

Finding the right ITAM software can be a challenge if you are not totally sure what is needed. We listed our tips on how to choose ITAM software that doesn’t merely meet your demands but makes IT asset management smooth and simple.

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Here are 11 tips on how to choose ITAM software

1. Start from the current tools and assets

Before jumping into choosing software, write down how you currently manage your assets, what tools you use, and how many assets you have (both owned and leased). This information will give you a better idea of what is really needed.

2. Make a list of basic features

ITAM software without the right features can be as bad as a basic spreadsheet. Nobody want’s to do manual work if it can be automated. ITAM software should essentially help you manage all your IT assets, automate workflows, and make reporting easy.

Check that the software has at least the basics:

  • Easy way to add, update and delete devices
  • Possibility to track device usage and maintenances
  • Possibility to upload attachments
  • Full history of the device
  • Customizable device data
  • Customizable user roles
  • Customizable reporting
  • Automation engine to notify and take action on triggers you have specified

3. Compare pricing models

While price should not be the most important factor when selecting software, it is crucial to fully understand the pricing model before making the decision.

Some software providers will charge per user, while others might charge based on how many assets you have. It is also quite typical that there are some additional costs.

Ask if updates, training, or some features cost extra. Understanding the total price of the service is important when you are comparing different software.

4. Learn about the support

Support isn’t only about troubleshooting. Good support can save a lot of time and help you get started. Consider factors like availability, response time, expertise, and support channels. The best companies dedicate a customer success manager that is at your disposal at all times.

5. Ask about integrations

For an ITAM solution to effectively operate, it must seamlessly integrate with other essential tools in your IT ecosystem.

The golden rule is that modern ITAM software should integrate at least with:

  • SSO authentication with your AD (for example Azure AD, Google Workspace and Okta)
  • Integrations with your UEM tool (for example Intune, jamf and WMware)
  • Integrations with your ITSM tool (for example ServiceNow, Freshservice and Jira)
  • Integrations with your messaging solution (for example Microsoft Teams and Slack)

6. Don’t forget about security

Given that your ITAM software will manage your important data, security and access management should be handled right. Ask about features like data encryption, audit trails, and role-based access controls.

The best asset management software companies have ISO 27001 or SOC certifications which mean that a third party auditor has reviewed how the company handles all aspects of data security.

7. Focus usability

Look for software that is easy to use. Complex software will easily lead to a situation where you are spending more time on asset management than before. Besides that, ensure that the software works on mobile devices. Typically the most easy to use solutions work browser-based which means that users do not need to install any applications.

8. Don’t forget about recycling and procurement

The best ITAM software assists you in procurement management and recycling. With these features integrated into the asset software, you can easily save a lot of time and save big bucks. With the right ITAM software, you will be able to automate procurement, manage vendor relationships, oversee recycling processes, and ensure maximum refunds from recycling partners.

9. Ask about future plans

Don’t just choose a software for today; choose one with a vision for tomorrow. Ask about the future plans and roadmap. If the vendor does not have any plans, this can be a big red flag.

10. Check how new assets are added to the system

If adding new assets takes a long time or you can’t import your old asset spreadsheets, it might be good to look for another solution. Easy inventory of devices is extremely important, because only then can you ensure that all devices are added to the system.

The best ITAM software integrate with IT device resellers which means that new devices are automatically enrolled to your ITAM software.

11. Make sure leased devices are supported

In the best scenario, you should be able to manage both owned and leased assets in the same place. Your ITAM software should have the capability to show leasing information such as monthly costs, remaining lease payments per device, leasing device summary report for accounting and so on.

I hope this list helps you pick the best ITAM software for your company. If you have questions, just reach out to us.

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