Due to remote work the IT devices of the organization are spread all around

The increase in remote work caused by the coronavirus has led to an increase in the number of company IT devices and a large amount of devices moving off company premises. A lot of monitors, printers, docks, cameras, headsets, etc. are nowadays typically exported to workers’ homes in addition to laptops.

From the perspective of the company’s IT device management the increase in remote work causes a significant nuisance, e.g. due to staff turnover. What happens when an employee quits? Will the company IT assets stay at the employee’s home?

The IDR device register can be used to solve the challenges by putting all the company IT assets under one cover. Company assets stay company assets and transparent traceability with all history data and documents resolve ambiguities.

IDR’s versatile user management also enables the distribution of own credentials for employees to their own device base. This way every employee is responsible for his/her devices. With O365 integration the implementation of IDR is effortless even for large organizations.

Written by Mikko Lehmus. Mikko works as CEO of IDR. IDR is the most versatile asset lifecycle management software for IT devices and healthcare. Read more about IDR here.

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