Public sector device responsibilities are increasing as digital education becomes more widespread.

The compulsory school age is increasing to 18 in August 2021, and at the same time secondary education will become free. The change aims to ensure that every young person has secondary education regardless of the family’s financial situation.

Schools are responsible for providing learning materials and managing their effective cycles. The higher the number of involved devices, the more challenging it is to manage them. As the number of tools in educational institutions grows, digital fixed asset management and device registry service will be at the center of effective management of equipment.

A better way to manage devices in schools

The IDR device registry service is a tool for managing devices and tools used in teaching and lent to students. We cooperate with numerous private and public sector actors. For example, the City of Imatra uses IDR’s device register service, e.g. monitoring presentation devices and shared group computers for teachers and students. Helsingin Aikuisopisto utilizes our solution in managing its IT device base.

IDR offers a solution to e.g. the following questions:

  • What devices are there?
  • What investments should be prepared for in the coming years?
  • When are devices coming to the end of their life?
  • Who and where uses the equipment?
  • How much equipment is repaired and what are its cause-and-effect relations?
  • How much capital has been tied up in maintenance and repair of equipment?
  • Who is the device going to next and when?
  • Are the devices available for reservation? If not, when will they be returned to use?
  • When was the device inventory made?
  • When does the lease of the device expire?

Practical and efficient device management brings significant savings in money and time.

Written by Mikko Lehmus. Mikko works as CEO of IDR. IDR is the most versatile asset lifecycle management software for IT devices and healthcare. Read more about IDR here.

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