The City of Imatra

The City of Imatra is a city of 27,000 residents in southeastern Finland on the Russian border. Imatra has a very precise digital strategy for what equipment is used and how.

The starting point

This means in practice that all students from the third grade up have laptops provided by the city. In addition to this preschoolers, first, and second grade students have access to shared group devices. There are more than 2,000 devices and almost one million Euros of capital is committed.


The solution

IDR was implemented for all the devices mentioned above during the summer vacation. The devices were equipped with IDR smart stickers and the device information was transferred from Excel files into the IDR device register. The user IDs in the IDR device register were given to the IT administration and the maintenance organization.

When the school year started, the devices were shared to different destinations by updating their location and user information.


The results


With IDR Imatra has access to a single system that can be connected to all devices that require monitoring.


The IT administration has a real-time overview of which school has what devices, who has the devices in use, how many devices are broken, and how long devices are in maintenance.


The operation of the service organization was significantly improved when the information of all devices could be found on the IDR system with life cycle events with just one touch of a smartphone.

“Sharing the devices with our students with our old model would have taken at least a week of work for our organization, but with IDR we got it done in hours. IDR has not only increased quality, but also generated significant cost savings.”

Marko Hyvönen, project manager

Public administration, education

27 000


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