Gather all your IT devices in one place


IDR makes the availability of information easier, optimizes the use of devices, and takes care of the optimization of the whole life cycle.

IDR manages all the IT devices in your organization:







Speakers and headphones

Docks and network devices

Main features

IDR has a wide range of work time boosting and cost saving features such as:

Real-time recognition of devices and availability of information to your smart phone with one touch

Life cycle event reporting with the touch of a smartphone

Electronic maintenance request with the touch of a smartphone

Optimization of usage of devices in organizations

Inventory of devices with the touch of a smartphone

Automatic life cycle cost monitoring

Seamless and simple implementation


All our clients have a dedicated IDR support person responsible for the implementation and customer service during use.

Implementation is very easy and designed around the needs and starting points of the customer without additional fees!

IDR ecosystem for device acquisitions

IDR has created a cooperative model with retailers thanks to which your company can order all IT devices directly equipped with IDR smart stickers ready-made for your company IDR account.

Make a request to your IT retailer or contact us and we’ll tell you more.

Familiarize yourself with example implementations of the industry

The use of IDR is simple and the features of the system are very comprehensive. Customer service is one of a kind and everything works fast – IDR truly listens to our requests. You get more bang for your buck compared to the competitors.”

How to start?

Request a meeting with an IDR expert.

We will assess your needs and make an offer.

Start using the system without a commitment!

Take the first step!

No commitment. No charge. We will present our solution and you can decide if you want to continue with us.

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