For organizational use


IDR is a comprehensive solution that sends all device information to smart phones with one click and optimizes life cycles of devices from acquisition to depreciation.

Why IDR?


IDR makes work more efficient.

Device information can be found in seconds by touching an IDR smart sticker on the device and all life cycle event information can be saved directly.


IDR generates cost savings

Generate cost savings by optimizing life cycles of devices. We send automatic monthly equipment base summary reports to our users where one can see what needs to be done at a glance.

IT devices

All IT devices can be managed with IDR – desktop computers, phones, tablets, screens, AV devices, and network devices.



Devices for healthcare

All professional devices can be managed with IDR according to EU legislation.


Devices for real estate

Various devices from real estate can be monitored with IDR, for example from business and office estates to production facilities.


Devices for construction

IDR makes monitoring devices such as work machines, elevators, cranes, and tools at construction sites possible.


Other devices

We have implemented device management solutions in several industries, the trades, logistics, restaurant and hospitality services, and others.


How does IDR work?

IDR is based on IDR smart stickers which use NFC. By touching them information from the device will be downloaded to your smartphone.

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